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When you're seeking compensation or a specific performance from another party, you're dealing with civil law. Romer and Lane, PLLC can help you with civil litigation in Jamestown, TN.

Attorneys Melanie Stepp Lane and Darren W. Kennedy are ready to fight for your best interests. We'll examine the details of your case and build a solid argument. We'll do our best to attain your desired outcome while managing your expectations.

We have experience dealing with many civil law matters in Jamestown, TN, including those involving:

Collections | Personal injury | Business litigation

When it comes to business litigation, we can handle employment and sub-contractor disputes. We won't take any civil law matter lightly. Call us now at 931-879-8144 for civil litigation representation in Jamestown, TN.

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The attorney you choose to represent you during civil litigation can make or break your case. You won't regret hiring Romer and Lane because:

  1. We have an in-depth knowledge of civil law.

  2. We have strong written and oral advocacy skills.

  3. We have negotiation skills that are a cut above the rest.

Select a lawyer who will fight aggressively for what you deserve. Reach out to us immediately to start working on your case.