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Orders of Protection in Jamestown, TN

If You Need Protection

Domestic violence is a reality in the Upper-Cumberland, but our law offers a remedy.

If you have been injured, threatened or stalked by someone who is related to you, was married to you, or with whom you have had a sexual relationship, you are probably entitled to an order of protection. This order will command the perpetrator to stay away from you. If you are married to or living with the perpetrator, you may be entitled to temporary possession of your residence and/or temporary support. I have represented many victims of domestic violence and would be happy to assist you.

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If You've Been Falsely Accused

Then there's the other side. Too often, unscrupulous people make false accusations in petitions for Orders of Protection. If a court grants an order of protection against you, you lose your right to possess guns. Violation of the order subjects you to criminal penalties. The order can also affect your career, and impede your ability to see your children. I can help if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence.